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I appreciate that the statement above may sound like absolute Stilton but it’s true. I love what I do. It’s work that feeds my soul and gets me money to buy food to feed my meat suit. If you get it, you get it.

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Sometimes I write About STUFF

Rotation in Jump Kicks

Here are two videos of similar combo kicks. Both are Jumping, Spin (Rotational) Kicks. 

The first combination is a right rotational (RR) jump kick followed by a left rotational (LR) jump kick (Jump Spin Hook & Jumping Round House respectively). The energy transformation is massive in deceleration to acceleration as one kick ends and the other begins. You’d want as much amortisation, if not more, before executing the second kick, the one you intend to land. 

The second combination is a double right rotational (RR) combination. Meaning I’m jumping and spinning to the right (clockwise) for both kicks. 

Momentum will help the second spin become quicker naturally BUT the ‘goal’ of each kick is different in terms of connection (strike point & target zone). The Jumping Spinning Side Kick aims to nail the opponent at the mid torso with the base of the foot, sending them backwards. Therefore we need to control the ‘spinning energy’ in the second kick into ‘linear energy’. 

Nonetheless with each combination be it RR or LR my body is moving anterior (towards my target). 

I’m not going to get into the joint actions (spine/shoulders/hips/knees/foot & ankle) of the Tri-MAT in this blurb but these are the things we teach our coaching team at Pink Belt Kickboxing. These are the things I write and teach for WAKO GB. 

  • There’s a circle of movement.
  • Theres an understanding of A&P.
  • There’s an understanding of basic physics

Mechanics, Biomechanics in Martial Arts should be explored more. As a student and as a teacher. 

Reach out, I’ll talk, it’s fracking awesome uncovering this stuff!

Mechanics in Martial Arts Q&A

If you’re not using Movement Mechanics for Martial Arts (MMMA), or you’re not sure about coaching analysis etc. Please reach out and I’ll break it down. It is, or they are, tools to assist in training individuals from the ground up to better develop them as individuals for Technique, Understanding things like building combinations etc etc

Injuries Suck

As we enter into November and slide towards Christmas I’m doing my best to get some sort of normalcy back to training.

For the past 6 weeks I’ve been semi nursing a sprained ankle. Minor tear of a ligament in my right foot (CFL). Before that, a slight dislocation in my left forearm (proximal radius). Shitty 12 weeks.

Kickboxing. Both. Nothing to do with any impact whilst sparring or pads/bag, the first was a rapid change in direction as my target moved (an angled jab into a wide rolling back fist). This was 30s or so into a 3 minute round, naturally and foolishly, I carried on.

The second, warning flick to opponent’s ear and then, a simple reaction with the ground, my foot didn’t decelerate as it should’ve and pop, inversion sprain.

Listen for the snap.

The day after it looked like this..

In part I’ve stated semi-nursing due to the above pic being taken after trekking through London for work, albeit a 15 minute walk taking 50 due to shuffles being shorter than steps. Sincerely, if you work for yourself in any capacity, you know, you can’t take sick days. So the pattern continued.

RICE(R) was not an option.

Rehabilitation kicked off with foot in an Ice Bucket, then with passive mobility whilst submerged (Sweet little tip from John Hardy). Every day. Swelling and bruising came and went within 8 days which was good.

TheraGun & Ultrasound were instrumental in this recovery.

Theragun, Not on the foot itself but on the leg above the ankle and the opposite hip. As I was still walking to work being on my feet teaching etc etc, my left hip started to lock up as I was limping in a flexed position. TheraGun on my left hip flexor / glute med was brilliant for muscle relaxation & pain relief. 

 The frequency of the ultrasound (on the surface) seems much milder than the TG so on a relatively low setting I could deal with that going directly onto the foot after the swelling had subsided. Pain was still there but bearable for short duration.

Pain was hellish. Even now it’s still a 2/10 hum with certain movements smacking that up to a 8/10. This threw my bloods out too. Couple days after the injury I sent my bloods off to the labs (I test myself every 3 months) results came back with elevated liver enzymes & C-Reactive protein. Usually these are steady in the green so my hypothesis is CRP due to the actual injury and global inflammation that caused my body to deal with and LEnz due to the pain killers. I only took these for 4 days and then carried on with CBD oil as my pain relief (the awesomeness of this is a story for another day).

What else has been hellish, my mental state. For someone who trains most days to be slapped down to nothing for days at a time has been pretty heavy. Losing weight that’s taken years to build and keep (use it or lose it) has taken some getting used to. Nutrition has had to be on point, well, if I’m downstate, I tend to reach for junk food, it’s nice and like a big ol hug… however there’s a saturation point of doing this before I realise that by not putting shitty food in and doing some sort of exercise will actually help my head. It’s usually a two week window for me to indulge myself like that.

With a deduction in calories to match the lack of output that’s been going on and restrictions on carbohydrates that I’ve not earned, I managed to rationalise how I was feeling and felt much more positive.

It took a good 4 weeks before I could fully stand on it enough to train it properly. Aside from some passive mobility, strength training started with parallel squats. Trying to get decent range in the Sagittal plane, then to reverse step ups….(you can see the instability)


Stability work peaked with the brilliance of BOSU (yes, there were many stages between my mobility in ice to this, but I didn’t video everything). These two clips are a week apart.


This one, 3 days ago. Full transverse mo-stability. Almost back to the state I was in prior to popping it. Haven’t tested impact yet though. Happy is an understatement.


This post is nothing more than information for me to remember the process I’ve gone through, to tip my hat to TheraGun and my son Dylan who daily wanted to ‘kiss your foot better daddy?’

Oh, and for people that are setback by injury, hopefully, with some good rehab tools and tactics, some good nutrition and exercise (around the injury), wishing you a speedy recovery.



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