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My Little Dragons

Awesome Online Attendance through Lockdown

Naturally this is what a Martial Art’s father wants, his children to join in with his passion.

At the time of writing this, Dylan (4) and Kara (2) both grasp kickboxing well. They stay focussed for the session and who’d have thought, they enjoy yelling and hitting pads!

In years to come, hopefully they’ll stick with it. I know the discipline & respect it (Judo at the time) gave me as a child and sporting elements aside, Martial Arts can offer children something that other activities don’t.

First class back in the Dojo post lockdown

Rotation in Jump Kicks

Here are two videos of similar combo kicks. Both are Jumping, Spin (Rotational) Kicks. 

The first combination is a right rotational (RR) jump kick followed by a left rotational (LR) jump kick (Jump Spin Hook & Jumping Round House respectively). The energy transformation is massive in deceleration to acceleration as one kick ends and the other begins. You’d want as much amortisation, if not more, before executing the second kick, the one you intend to land. 

The second combination is a double right rotational (RR) combination. Meaning I’m jumping and spinning to the right (clockwise) for both kicks. 

Momentum will help the second spin become quicker naturally BUT the ‘goal’ of each kick is different in terms of connection (strike point & target zone). The Jumping Spinning Side Kick aims to nail the opponent at the mid torso with the base of the foot, sending them backwards. Therefore we need to control the ‘spinning energy’ in the second kick into ‘linear energy’. 

Nonetheless with each combination be it RR or LR my body is moving anterior (towards my target). 

I’m not going to get into the joint actions (spine/shoulders/hips/knees/foot & ankle) of the Tri-MAT in this blurb but these are the things we teach our coaching team at Pink Belt Kickboxing. These are the things I write and teach for WAKO GB. 

  • There’s a circle of movement.
  • Theres an understanding of A&P.
  • There’s an understanding of basic physics

Mechanics, Biomechanics in Martial Arts should be explored more. As a student and as a teacher. 

Reach out, I’ll talk, it’s fracking awesome uncovering this stuff!

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